Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Attitude Will Determine Our Altitude


I hope that you all are having such an awesome week! I can not believe how crazy quick this week has gone! I am sorry that this will have to be a short email:/ got heaps to do!


SO Let me start by saying that I am so grateful for this Gospel. This Saturday we had such a powerful Baptism for this young girl who is only 9 and is just the sweetest little girl. She has such a great knowledge of the Gospel. Her mother is less-active and the father is not a member of the church. During the baptism the Spirit was so strong it was crazy. The mother came to church the next day and is so keen for coming back to church. Its amazing to see how our actions truly can impact those around us. 

The end of the year is upon us and as a branch we have a goal to get this branch up and running again. We had this big meeting about what we can do. It was awesome to see the goal and plans we have to make this branch better. Then out of the blue the Branch Pres. just says, "And Elder Gish will close us with a few words." WHATTT?! No warning. No subject…kind of a scary moment. I was scared.. i wont lie. But then the words came to my mouth, "Elders this will be the year we become a Ward" …Ummm, that’s not really something you say to a branch that was around when Moses split the red sea. But, then once that was said, the spirit came in and took over, and words just came with ease.. I don’t even remember what I said, but what it must have had the spirit of power with it, because people kept saying that they agree with what i said.

I Love having the companion of the Holy Ghost and having a God that truly does help all people. I dont know if i could do anything important with out The holy Ghost and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ directing my in all i do. With the right attitude we can accomplish great things.. Our attitude will determine our altitude! 

I love you all!!

hope your week is awesome

ofa lahi atu

-Elder Gish