Monday, February 8, 2016

Asking Simple Heart Filled Questions

Kia Ora Whanau, Tena koe e hoa!

I am so sorry I haven't done a weekly update for ages! But here you go!!

So this has been quite the great week. We had a Mission Conference, where we learned that as missionaries world-wide Door-to-Door knocking and tracting has just about been eliminated. We were told if we tract more then 1 hour a week, our Mission President would be upset with us. So we were thinking, we just have to work with members heaps. I cant wait to hear from the Older missionaries who had to tract heaps...they will sound like an Old men "We used to tract all day every day in any weather, going up hill both ways".

But Miracles have come from this. We announced that we are going to need members to step up and find friends for us to teach. An amazing member in the ward Brother P.  told us about a family he had set up and appt for us to go see. D. and J. are their names, and wow they are amazing. D. was a bit hesitant to talk with us because he has a lot of questions. But all the answers we would give just weren't cutting it for him. What happened next was amazing. I asked the question, "Do you believe God loves you?" I can testify with all the vigor in me that the Spirit instantly came and the environment changed instantly, and as he thought, tears came to his eyes. Walls were broken because of a simple question. He and his children came to church the following Sunday

I know that a simple heart filled question asked properly in the right spirit, walls can break and allow the Spirit to come in and work in them. 
Love you all!
-Elder Gish