Sunday, February 22, 2015

Please Heed This Message and Read The Book of Mormon


Kia ora my whanau.

So i have been shifted out of Waitara up to a place called Frankton in Glenview. Its so crazy up here! I went from the womps all the way to a HUGE city, like Boston huge. It’s going to take a huge amount of adjusting, but this place is awesome! There are so many people we get to talk to everyday. My Companion is Elder Fili'mouliea. He is awesome he is from Tonga, making him my 3rd Tongan companion!

So we have seen some crazy miracles so far this week. Let me start with this one. Elder Fili and I were out and we decided to make a stop in McDonalds for lunch. With only like 6 bucks between the both of us. Btw here, we don’t have they 'Dollar menu," we have the "5 dollar menu' so everything here is paid with gold basically. So we are in there wondering what to get, and if we will be able to eat when all of a sudden this guy walks up and just hands us 20 dollars for lunch!!!! WHAT?! We turn back to say thank you.. and he’s gone.... not a joke…we were speechless…what a miracle 

We were seeing this family and they are just awesome. We are talking to them about repentance and all of sudden one of them says she wants to get baptized!!! She read the Book of Mormon and knows its true! The Book of Mormon is such a powerful book. and can truly get us closer to God then any other book. For anyone that is reading this, please heed this message and read the Book of Mormon if you are looking for direction in life!

Sorry that this is super short but Transfer’'s took up most of they week! I love you all!!!

-Elder Gish