Friday, February 6, 2015

Pick up Your Cross and Follow Him.

Kia ora Whanau!!
What a crazy week this has been.  Well let me start of with some craziness. Mom, Dad if your standing up please sit down.
So we were helping a member move on Saturday.. And another member brings a trailer to help because no on here has ever heard of moving vans! ANYWAY The guy with the trailer has no idea how to back it up, so we have to drag it so he can back up to the trailer.  We finish filling up the trailer, and I am pulling in to him. No one wanted to help pull it so i am trying to show off my manliness by pulling it myself.. which didn’t work out in my favor cause I end up getting stuck. As I am giving it all my might, I get it unstuck then I feel this giant shove that throws me into the trailer. THE DUDE HIT ME WITH HIS CAR WHILE BACKING UP!!!  But I ended up denting the car. ANYWAY!!! That’s not what I want to talk about!

What I want to talk about it the amazing things that have been happening here!
This week we had such an amazing experience. We have this inactive family that loves having us over. But they tell us that they can make all the mistakes that they want, because that’s why Christ died. Which quite frankly made me want to explode on them. But we didn’t. Rather, we wanted to show them what He went through. SO we took them to beach and I took the family of 5 on a 3k run to get them really tired. The we brought them to a place where there was a bunch of water-locked logs. We asked them." Who is willing to bear their cross?" They all said they would, joyfully. So we had them pick up the water-locked logs. And if you dont know.. those weigh about 30kgs. So like 65 lbs. And told them, that Christ carried His cross what we believe to be about a mile. He did this after being beaten, bruised, and bleeding from every pore, just so we can find refuge from sin in this crazy world. They understood that.

So we started to walk a mile while they carried their crosses. You could see on their faces the struggle they were going though. Every 1/4 mile we stopped and let them breathe while gave them an object lesson. Then after the lesson, they carried their crosses again. Man how bad we wanted to help, but couldn’t, because Christ did it alone.

We got to the 3/4 mile spot and had them drop it. They were so sweaty and saying that they can't go any further. What Christ does for us is carries our cross for us when we can’t go any further. So we had them put all their crosses on Elder G. and I, and we carried their cross ‘till the end. WOW THAT was hard. But we get to the end. And waited for them to get to us before we dropped their cross, because we have to come to Christ before we can pick our cross up again.

After we had a testimony meeting about the atonement of Christ, they started to say things like "I could hardly do that and every time we sin we are making that trip harder." And things like "when you carried our cross we couldn’t help you.. and we wanted to so bad! It was so hard just watching!" So we reply. "Then stop watching. Pick up your cross and follow Him.”

Man it was amazing! They are doing great now!!!
 love this gospel!
‘till next time
ofa lahi atu
Elder Gish