Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfer to Greerton

ALRIGHT EVERYBODY!!!!! ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!! I am out of Frankton. I am now serving in an area called Greerton in Tuaranga. OH MY LANTIS IT IS BEAUTIFUL! This place is such a honor to serve in, we have seen so many amazing miracles this week! There is two in particular that I would like to share with you.

One is this. On Saturday me and my companion were asked to give a training on talking with people in the streets at a prospective missionary conference. First off, what a pleasure it was to be able to speak to the next generation of missionaries. I have never seen so much potential in a body of youth then the ones here. So here are the miracles. When we were asked to train, we were asked to do so for only an hour. When our stake President saw how well it was going, he asked for us to keep going FOR ANOTHER HOUR! WE HAD ONLY PLANNED FOR ONE HOUR! But right as my companion and I where humbled by our fear of not knowing what to say…our minds where rushed with what to say next. Afterwards, everyone was saying how real and helpful the training was! BUT IT DOESNT END THERE!  Right as we leave and we are feeling so uplifted by the Spirit we felt, we saw this lady walking towards us, so we stop to talk to her... turns out her car had broken down and she was walking to get gas. As we shared with her the Message of the Plan of Salvation... her eyes got huge and asked if we can take her number and address to come teach her more!! SHe said yes! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!

Last week we had an unexpected visitor come to Church. He is a drug dealer and was walking past our Chapel when he felt like he should come in. He left his backpack at the gate and walked in. When he walked in he said he just felt this feeling like he was home, but never knew that he had lost my home. We invited him to be baptized this week and has accepted! I love the metaphor of leaving our "backpacks" at the Gate in order to feel the Spirit more. 

I am so grateful for this Gospel!!

Until next time!

Ka kite ano!
-Elder Gish