Monday, May 18, 2015

Primary Kids Soak it Up



So sorry i have been so slacking on my writing these past few weeks. Its been insanely busy this transfer! But I will try and do my best not to miss another week without an update.

Now with that, I think I owe you all a nice long email!

It has really been a great week! We had an awesome privilege this Sunday. My companion and I were asked to talk about the Restoration with the Primary, but to make it more fun for them, we got to dress up as the Angel Moroni (my companion) and since I am an American, I was asked to be the Prophet Joseph Smith. Man that was so much fun! I really enjoyed it! These Primary Kids were on to it as! I would ask a question and BAM they knew the answers! I feel like they knew more then I did! The Spirit was amazing in that room, as we got to talk with these young kids, they were just soaking it all up. They loved it! It was extremely cute when one of the little ones (after I left) asked the Primary President if I was actually Joseph Smith! It was such a great honor to hear that.

Now this week was a happy sad week. I have been in a trio for a long time as one of our missionaries is recovering from surgery. He was recovering for about 3 weeks. So half of a transfer. And it was such a privilege to have 2 powerful companions with me for that short time. So this week he had to leave us, but what makes it a great week was we had to leave with a BOOM. So we strapped on our helmets and went to work. We saw some amazing things happens as we tried our best but we just felt we weren’t doing enough. But when the end of the week had come, we had over achieved the Standards of Excellence!! All we wanted to do was just work. And so we did and we saw miracles because of that! 


I am indeed grateful for this time I have to serve my mission!

kia kaha!

-Elder Gish