Monday, June 22, 2015

As We Teach, We Are to Use Doctrine.

Kia ora kia ora Whanau!!

Its been a pretty awesome week. We saw an amazing miracle as we taught one of our most keen investigators that just brings so much joy to me. 

First our current investigator, D, ...He was a very scary man.. long hair.. sort of beard.. tattoos.. would come to church looking like he may beat someone up before.. So this Sunday we are waiting for him to come in. It hits 12:00 (when church starts) and he still didn't show! So we get sad. and go and find a place to sit. We decide to sit next to this man we haven't met... nicely trimmed... looks like a flippin RM... AND IT WAS D!!... HOLY COW!! (Shannon here: RM = Return Missionary.) If I could describe what he looked RM is the only word I can think of..He says to us... "Well my bros.. if I'm in the house of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the least I can do is look like I am going to be meeting Him here...... JAW DROP.... Everyone kept asking "Where did you come home from serving"? He totally shaved, put on a suit...and dang! 

But it gets better... 

We go to his house to teach later on that day. When we got there both his parents sat in as we taught them about the importance of families using "The Family: A Proclamation To The World."  (link added.) The Spirit was amazing there. Afterwards the Mother (who was not at all keen on us coming by) asked if she could have the book we got all this knowledge from. So we gave her The Book of Mormon and committed her to read it. And she said she would! How great are the joys! 

Now more then ever have I understood that as we teach, we are to use Doctrines. You can not deny what Christ and his Prophets and Apostles have taught. The Spirit will be there every time you teach from the scriptures, and then more importantly applying what you have learned into your life. 

I love you all so much!

ki kate ano
-Elder Gish