Monday, June 29, 2015

They Could Not Deny that they had Received a Portion of a Testimony of the Reality of Heavenly Father.

Kia ora whanau! 
Tena Koe.

 Well what a week it has been for sure. The week just flew by!

A lot has happened this week and I hope to share what happened in the short time I have left to email today. #timemanganmentproblems.

Elder D (My Soa) and I had the opportunity to give blessings to our 4 main investigators I've been talking about the last few weeks. We taught them about the authority that God has allowed us to have and how we can bless others through the priesthood. Just C., D's wife was keen at first to get a blessing to help her overcome her addictions. But then the Mom and Dad jumped in and asked if they could get one as well. What was super amazing about the Dad, was he was a serious gang member...the head, big scary guy. He has a beard that could probably bite you. When he wanted a blessing, he shaved...and are you ready for what he said next?  I know you are. He said, if he was getting a blessing to clean his inside, he needs to be clean on the outside. WHAT!!!!  They had come to know for themselves that we have the authority to bless them according to their faith!  Darwin then joined in getting one as well. Holy cow! It was indescribable the Spirit that was felt during those blessing.  Every single blessing that was given touched their hearts in some way, and they could not deny that they had received a portion of a testimony of the reality of Heavenly Father. After, they just told us thank you for helping them understand the importance of God.

I know that we are privileged to have the authority of God giving us the power to bless others. It is real. It Is as real as that food on your kai plate. 

Thank you for reading! 
-Elder Gish

P.S. In order to protect the privacy of Elder Gish's companion and those they is teaching, initials are used in place of their names.