Monday, October 12, 2015

Soggy Oreos, Joyful Enduring and Prayers Answered During General Conference

Kia ora my whanau!! Tena koe e hoa! 

What a great week it has been. There is so much I could write but i dont want to bore you too much. 

So i was thinking recently about an event in my life that really makes me smile. As most of you know i have the coolest parents in the world! Who, since they are so awesome, they brought forth two awesome extremely handsome brothers of mine. Before we lived out east, we lived in Denver. (Which for those of my New Zealand friends who are reading this, that's about the same distance as Gisborne is from Sydney) We were heading to the Eastern states to see my Superhero Grandfather. On the way there, we decided to get some snacks. My younger brother Gage, like the man he is, makes a great choice and buys Oreos. While we were driving, we were loaded into a car that makes a mini cooper look big, and went no faster then half the speed of smell. And that was an experience I would not like to relive hahaha.

While on this road my older Brother Samantha, oh I mean Sam...wanted an Oreo from Gage. So Gage, only being around 5 at this time, shares an oreo with Sam. Keep in mind we are suffering in car so small and we are a little over tired. 

Gage gives Sam the oreo and Sam partook. Right as he ate it he says " Wow that tasted soggy" Gage with his great young mind says "Oh thats because I licked it"  HAHAHAHAHA!  He just stepped into the battle field of brothers who live on pranks.  When that happened, MAN WE LAUGHED SOO HARD. 

Now that could have gone another way. (A soggy Oreo on a long trip is devastating!) But I learned something that day. We need to find joy in times that are hard. 

The Gospel that so many of us are in, is a Gospel that teaches so often to endure to the end, which means to continually come to Christ and being perfected in Him. Its a hard task to start, but can honestly only be accomplished as we look for moments that bring smiles to our face!

As a missionary this week I have seen that happen. We had a young Girl named K. set for baptism and was hoping to have her brother Join her, but when she saw he was SO RUDE. But he said something that made us laugh, (which is always awkward in a serious moment.) But he saw that we were joyful and asked why were laughing. My companion...he is so sharp...says that this Gospel is one of joy, that's why we are laughing. Which made this young man think. And because of that, we will be seeing him next week. :) 

I know that there are times when we receive a "soggy Oreo," but as we look torwards our Savior, He will show us the Joys in our lives, and will help us through those times! We will become better people as we do.

One last thing!! (I know this long!) But this week was something called General Confernce which is when have the chance to hear from living Apostles and the Prophet. It was Amazing. I had so many questions I wanted to have Answered. And I prayerfully thought about them, and all my questions were answered. I know that these men are men of God and they reach out to us through General Conference. They so often think about the "1 lost sheep rather then the 99" and somehow they Impact All 100. I urge you all to Listen to to the Apostles with Humble spirits and Humble ears, willing to listen and change if needed! 

I love you all!! 
Thank you for taking time to read this!
Elder Gish