Sunday, October 4, 2015

Put Ourselves Aside and Say, "Thy Will Be Done."

Kia ora everyone!! 

OKAY SO THERE IS HEAPS TO WRITE!!! SO prepare yourself!
We almost got in a fight with a drunk guy this week! But then after, we had a cool experience.
The drunk guy just ended up walking away after we told him we didnt want any trouble.

So the cool experience was with some young kids, it was super cool. The way it started was this women N is an investigator...she hasn't had the best relationship with missionaries, but her kids like us. We come to find that her oldest son, P, likes playing touch football and so we said we would play it with him later, but not today because we were busy. Then we go back and N. and her sister are there with all their kids. N. was wanting the kids to get off the video games and play outside, so we went to her oldest son and asked if he wanted to play touch football, MAN WAS HE EXCITED. He got all his cousins to come play, then a bunch of the neighborhood kids came to play. So we had a huge gang of kids playing. After like 2 hours of playing, N. told us how thankful she was for us playing with the kids because she needed to get so much stuff done. She said she hated churches because they were just words, but she told us that we really practice what we preach. What a blessing that was for us.

We did alot of service this week too. We helped a part member family out with some gardening. The Mom, E., ( not a member) used to be taught. She is not keen anymore, but her kids  are. Their daughter K. came up to us and asked us if we can baptize people. It was quite a question and one we werent expecting, but we said yes. I LOVE WHAT SHE SAID NEXT. She said "what can i do to be baptized'. This week we will be back preparing her! How awesome, aye?

I thought about diligence this week. My dad would always say a quote, "The Kingdom of heaven is built on the edge of exhaustion." It made me think about my own service in building the kingdom. Am I "exhausted?" And am I doing all I can to build the kingdom? Is my energy really spent trying to build the kingdom? There seems to be a pattern placed that when we have done all we can, when we feel like we can't take one more step, we say "Father, I can't do it alone, but I will do it for thee," and then we make that last step, not for us, but for Him, and Them. That's when the blessings come. When we have done all we can, and put ourselves aside and say, "Thy will be done" and we literally lose ourselves, because all we can do is focus on what Heavenly Father needs from us. I know that is true and as we are diligent in all we do, we can be blessed.

Before i leave i just want to wish a happy birthday to my grandma, I know everyone here will be amazed... but my Grandmother is turning 41!! WOW!!!!!! I KNOW CRAZY!! (hahahaha) She is awesome! and i hope she has a great birthday!! LOVE YOU GRAMMIE!!!!

Love you all, 
Elder Gish.