Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Very Special Person Turns 13

Kia ora whanau!!! 

Okay so i totally slacked and didn't get this started soon enough! 

FIRST OFF a very special person in my life turns 13!! WHAT THE HECK!?!? Happy birthday Gage!! I love you little bro! Thanks for letting me be your older bro ( i cant say bigger bro much longer with you getting so tall, so iI might as well start saying older bro now.) Hope you have a great day off from school * cough mom* cough dad*

So quite a bit has happened this week. LET ME START WITH AN EXCHANGE!. This week we went on Exhanges with the APs which is always fun because they are such hard workers. Elder M. and I were doing our thing when I received a prompting to go to the house of an investigator named M. So we go. Sometimes these promptings work out and sometimes they don't. THIS ONE DID! SHE WAS HOME! So we taught her the Restoration again for some reason...I dont think I have ever had such a unified lesson such as that one. Elder Matthews and I have the same teaching style! At the end of the lesson, we invite her to be baptized! November 28th was the date we had discussed...but thanks to inspiration...or a really bad memory we set her for the 14th...AND SHE ACCEPTED!!! She is preparing herself to be baptized! I know that was the working of the Lord.

Fast forward to Friday We have a new investigator named K. She was found street contacting and said we could come back on Friday (two days later). Now normally when that happens, something happens and things fall through, but when we stopped by she had been waiting!!! She thought we were going to come by at 12, but we said 1! We go in and she has read everything. She told us that she knew that this was the place were she needed to be. That God lead her to us on that day. As we taught, the Spirit did all the work because all we did was ask questions.. And she wants her entire family to join!! 

Now let's fast forward to Sunday! We have been really struggling to get people to church. We invite, but they don't ever come because the chapel is ' too far' . BUT WOULDNT YOU KNOW IT IN WALKS A!! All dressed up. HE CAME TO CHURCH! As we went through church he kept telling us.. " I really like how it feels here, I feel like i belong here". I know that that was the Holy Ghost speaking to his heart!  

NOW! of course I have to have some humor somewhere in here!  It was super crack up! It was Halloween on Sat. and so we decided to do some door knocking. We were getting no success so we decided to have some fun! WE went up to a door that we saw gave out lollies. When they answered the door, we were like "TRICK OR TREAT!!" and they thought we were in costumes! They were like "Oh wow what are you guys?" 
We said: "We are missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!' 
Them: "wow that is such a good costume!' 
Us:" No, we really are missionaries from the church.....' 

Well hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Gish