Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Spirit at Church

Kia ora whanau!!! 

Im so sorry that this will be short, but thank you for all the birthday wishes. Seriously everyone it meant a lot more then you think you know. It was great seeing all theses emails. During the week two bros of mine had a birthday Ty Mcdouglad, and Cameron Jarrett. Happy Birhday my bros!

It's been a great week though. Sunday was the greatest day. Miracles happened on that day. So we have had a hard time getting people to church. So this we week we really focused on that. On Sunday A. comes to our place at 9:00 pm...and walks up and says, "Guy we need to talk," which for all of us that have been in relationships know the words "we need to talk" are like hearing "I'm done." BUT NO!! HE TELLS US ABOUT HOW HE KNOWS WHAT WE ARE TEACHING IS TRUE!! AND THAT HE IS REALLY THINKING ABOUT BECOMING A MEMBER!! WHATTTTT!!!!!!! He has made such amazing leaps of faith to get where he is. He walks into church with just light in his eyes.

But then Sunday gets better.

We have an investigator named K., and she has been pretty keen and told us that she would come to church.. Well she didn't...HER ENTIRE FAMILY CAME! Husband and 5 kids!!!!! 7 people!!! After church she comes up to us and says "Elders this is us from now on we are staying here."  MAN what a great blessing!! 

I am so grateful for the spirit at church. I know that it is the Lord's house...and to those who are seeking for God, can, and will, find Him there. 

I love you all! 
Elder Gish