Sunday, April 6, 2014

I Want to be a Blessing in the House.

Hello everyone!

Seriously, this week went by way to fast. The days just flew right by us! we would be out talking to people and then be like AH! we need to get home! anyway, this week was awesome!

Like any person we are faced with challenges and then we have moments where we are like ahh snap that was awesome. This week was awesome!

We are really trying to connect better with the members of the ward, so we were allowed to go to a sports night, to our big surprise we only played VOLLYBALL, we were so taken back.. ( Elder Harmon and I love volleyball) so of course it was on! but as I was getting all competitive, I thought I was a making the people feel comfortable around me. Would they want me in their house. Earlier I was reading the scriptures and I was reading about Alma, who was an awesome prophet in the Book of Mormon, he goes to an unknown man and the man feeds him, because the man Knows that Alma will be a blessing to have in his house, and I thought, I want to be a blessing in the house, and as I cooled down my competitive genes, people were so open to talk to us! One of The PMG Christ like Attributes his humility, and as we humbled down , we were blessed. (Shannon here: PMG – Preach My Gospel. It’s a study guide for anyone who wants to learn and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.)

On the topic of General Conference,  I HAVE NOT SEEN IT, since I am almost a day a head, we decided to watch it the following week so no spoiling! thank you!,

We have seen so many miracles this week, our Investigator Dana, seriously is the coolest, we got to help him rebuild a fence that was knocked over and bush had grown over it. It was a lot of work, and Dana had a fellowshipping problem, so we made the service, and ward service project and SO MANY PEOPLE CAME! it was such a huge blessing for us! It was exactly what he needed!

I was reading the Ensign this week, and I came upon a story called, "just beyond the bubble gum machine" it was awesome. it helped me realize how Heavenly Father sometimes blesses us! It pushed me through the week.

ON A SUPER AWESOME NOTE! I never realized this, BUT I AM THE THIRD MISSIONARY EVER TO SERVE IN THIS WARD!! I am part of the original legacy of the missionaries! man did it motivate me to WORK! it’s amazing how the Lord knows where to put us that will make us grow! And also a scripture that blew my mind. D&C 88:119. It talks about the house that we need to dedicate to the lord, But have we dedicated our personal houses ( YOUR BODY) read it! then your mind will be blown! I promise!

Love you all! work hard be good!

kia kaha!

-Elder Gish