Monday, May 26, 2014



Kia Ora my brothers and sisters!

So these last two weeks... man they have been so slow.. and cold... its like 30 degrees here with rain... its crazy.. What sucks is me and my companion have been trying soo hard to find new people.. and nothing is coming of it, it was a little bit disheartening... But what we see is that God puts us through things to make sure we Still are doing the right and not being slothful. What I have found since being on my mission is that it is easy being obedient. STAYING obedient is where I see the struggle. Not personally though, I think im stricter than my trainer.... that's okay though:) NOW that doesn't mean we didn't do anything! we got in touch with a lot of less actives. man there is this family named the Mcqueens.. They are seriously the best! Elder Harmon and I had the feeling to go see them, and some seriously awesome things happened. We saw them at church next sunday!!! it was awesome! I went and talked to them and they were just saying thank you.

Sister George our mission mom, also the bishops wife was calling us angels. It was awesome to feel appreciated that much, and to the extent of being called an angel. SO while we may not have found new people to teach. We still did our best to work with people that have forgotten how much Heavenly Father Loves us!

oh and some sweet stuff happened!! Our Ward Mission Leader is really into deep Doctrine like holy flip. so when we talk with him or go to his place to report, we get nailed with deep doctrine. its crazy!!!

Really that's this week! it was pretty good though! its such an honor to serve here! we had the chance to see one of the first Copies of The Book Of Mormon ever published. I love it. the person that showed us it was from America.. it was weird hearing that accent!!

I love this Gospel and I Love these people so much. I am thankful to a wonderful Mother And Father who did their best to keep me in this Gospel. I never got to say happy mother day to all the mothers! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

My mom is seriously The bomb. Not only is she my mom but she is like a best friend! I don't know where I would be without her in my life. She knew my potential and did everything to keep me headed in the right track! I don't think a lesson will go by where I don't tell stories of her.  I love you so much mom!
Love you all!

- Elder kiwi Gish