Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week of Studies


Hey Everyone! Kia ora,

WOW what a week, I think if I could make a title for this week, it would be "WEEK OF STUDIES"

I know this will be a shock to hear, but man I studied way hard this week. What we learn from the scriptures is that the Holy Ghost can only bring things to our remembrance, He cant give us things we haven't learned. So in my head I was like ah flip, I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING! So I started most of my readings over, and really dug into it all. WOW I love reading!!! ( I bet Mom and Dad never expected those words). It helped so much to have all this knowledge when people have lots of questions and concerns. It was seriously amazing to see what the Holy Ghost can do for us when we are worthy to have Him around.

Anyway! on to the work. This week was awesome! It didn't rain a lot, which is a HUGE miracle. New England, you have nothing on New Zealand when it comes to rain... New Zealand doesn't understand the words sprinkle when it comes to rain, it just dumps rain... it seriously feels like someone just takes a bucket and is like "whoops slipped'  SPLASH OVER YOU. but it means no showers:) hah jk that would be gross.. Sorry everyone going on big tangents here!

I love these people so much! we have an investigator, his name is Hayden, he is so flipping awesome! He is seriously like best friend, always wants us over, feeds us, the whole shbang! WE EVEN HAVE A SECRET HANDSHAKE! what! which isn't a big deal, we have secret handshakes with most of the youth in our ward. BUT NOT WITH AN INVESTIGATOR. and to top it all off Hayden is super keen on learning, and shares it with his girlfriend. really besides for him being awesome it was a normal week! which is an awesome week by the way. There is never a "normal week" just weeks where there is no crazy lows or highs.

OH one thing though that was flipping awesome! WE had a day with 5 set appointments!! now that may not seem like a lot, but it is! like holy smokes a lot, and seeing how we need to scoot in dinner.. it means we get to grab a bag of crisps and an apple and head out. I LOVE IT!!

SO ready for the awesome scripture of the week! it is found In 3 Nephi 7. BEST chapter! those who can should read it! That's my challenge as well:) well I need to go back to work! i love you all!!

Remember Spiritually Minded Is Life Eternal!


-Kia Ngawhari

Elder Gish


Chase and his companion trying to scare another set of missionaries in their apt at 9 p.m.



Typical meal.



Critter and Companion. (Better than a praying mantis, though. See previous blog post for explanation.)


Preparation Day (Pday) with his District Leader



Necessity is the mother of invention.