Sunday, June 1, 2014

Heavenly Father Has Not Forgotten About You

Kia Ora everyone!

Okay so beware this is going to be a long az email! So get ready for a mind blowing email!

So this week was absolutely jammed packed of awesomeness!

SO let me start with Wednesday.

Wednesday we had zone conference. And we got this chance to go to a Mouri, which is like a meeting house for Maori. HOLY AWESOME! it was the coolest thing. People there were all INTENSE Maori. So what makes a Mouri so special is the things we do in it.

The first step is someone needs to speak on our Behalf to the Chief, to let them accept us into the house once in there we do “breathing” with the chief and his other people. Genesis Chapter 2 verse 7 " and God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breathe of life." So what happens is you and the other person touch noses and breathe through your nose (its kind of resembling " im with you in this moment.”) Of course I screwed up and me and one of the others I was doing it with came in too hard and smashed foreheads.. Not to pleasant but we laughed, breathed and then moved on. Its actually very spiritual, and even though weird at first its an amazing feeling.

So then after that the people who had never been to a Mouri got accepted into the Whare ( pronounced like fadey) which means family. So 15 of us got recognized and entered into this Whare. Amazing! Then we had a feed.. like a big az feast…so much food... But then we learned heaps about the Maori culture and their dealings with God and Jesus Christ. Man holy cow... Christ says “Other sheep I have which are not of this fold,” there's literally things in New Zealand telling us that Jesus Christ had visited them. There is a tree, and translated from Maori means “Where the one who brought the resurrection met"... tons of stuff. Now I'm butchering this so bad because I forgot my notes! but next week ill clarify it more!

So amazing!

Then! Transfers are Thursday! EEEK!! But I hope I stay here!

Another sweet thing that happened this week, this was amazing. We have this woman in our ward named Hillary. Her mom took off to Aussie (Australia) about a year ago for various reasons. So the Other day Elder Harmon and I are walking down this street and this women across the street says " THATS IT." So we are like aye? so we go talk to her. She told us she had been away for about a year and was just coming home from the pub. Right as she said that,  the Spirit clear as day said "Elder this is Hillary’s mom." So I said " You’re Hillary’s mom aren't you" Tears came. She looked up and said “yes" tears came to my eyes and I said “Sister, Heavenly Father has not forgotten about you". Tears came even harder. We then went on - but wow!! It was crazy.. Spirit over load!

It was amazing week!

So then to top this all off the other night while I was sleeping I had This dream where a man walked up to me and started speaking to me in Maori.. Crazier than that, I started to talk back to him in MAORI! It was crazy! So I have decided to study the language! Anyway, the week of work was awesome! We have had HEAPS of time spent with members. LIKE HEAPS and it is becoming the best way for us to meet new people. So its a pretty fun way to talk with others!

Well everyone thank you so much for taking time to read this love you all!

kia kaha

your kiwi

-E. Gish