Monday, June 9, 2014

The Blessings the Lord Gives Us When We Keep Trying Our Best!

Malo lale everyone!


MAN what a week!  This week has been pretty awesome! we had transfers, and Elder Harmon got transferred ( my companion) and my new companion is Elder Moala from Tonga! So now I am the only white person in our district, everyone else is from Tonga , Samoa, and Kiribati. its pretty interesting. I can still school most of them in basketball :p  But they all come to me for questions their Investigators have been having. Being the senior companion, for a Tongan is pretty hard, but it will be well worth it in the end. When the Lord calls us, He qualifies us. We just have to prove to Him we can live up to expectations. Even though it is hard, the Lord doesn't give us anything we cant achieve. So we push forward.


We are trying really hard to get the Members in this ward more into missionary work. So that is what this transfer will be really focused on! And it really good! its only begun and we can already see that the members of this ward are starting to feel more comfortable with missionary work. One thing that has been hard is tracting. Elder Moala has a hard time speaking English. So talking to people is not his favourite thing to do!. We are working on it though, its pretty stressful!

We had a huge miracle this week with our investigator Dana, she came to church on Sunday!!!! it was a miracle! And the class she came to, she had a bunch of questions that were answered! man it was such a relief to have that. So on Tuesday when we see her it will be a huge a burden lifted! It was so nice! It was such a miracle!

We also met a new man named Kahn and had a pretty awesome lesson! He is American Indian and Maori! And the lesson - he was way into what we had to share! It was wonderful to see the blessings the Lord gives us when we keep trying our best!

So then this week I did the craziest thing... There was a challenge my Ward Mission Leader challenged me to! Challenge accepted... I had no idea what was in store for me. He brought a pizza to me... with a warning on it...


This pizza had ghost peppers on it... the hottest peppers in the world... OMGSH!!!!! so I told my ward mission leader Bro. mathie id do it if he does it ( kind of a 5 year old thing to do) but I was not going down alone! So he and I clinked pizza and began.... Holy flip..... I don't think I can tell you the intense amount of pain.. so we ran to the fridge in need of milk.. and we were like crying, and jumping in pain. Then all of sudden Bro. Mathies dad walked in on us jumping like girls.. he started dying with laughter... it wasn't funny... we literally couldn't feel our faces for ever... not fun..

That was the week

Kia Kaha everyone! love you all

-Elder Gish