Monday, July 7, 2014

If you’re waiting for an answer go and do the dishes

HEY everyone,

so I am so sorry I totally SLACKED last week and didn't do a huge letter last week! My bad :p. Last week was awesome! It was your basic missionary week! Just filled with a lot of rain.. haha but I like rain!

I had a pretty cool experience WHILE DOING THE DISHES! I know, I know im doing dishes now. New Zealand is suffering from a drought at the moment ( which is crazy because it rains non-stop here) so we have to conserve water the best we can. So when we do dishes we cant just keep the water running, we have to plug the sink and when we wash our dishes we use the same water for every dish. So basically we are cleaning dirty dishes, with dirty water. Its kind of gross I know but that's what soap is for! ANYWAY, so here is when revelation just decided to slap me in the face. Why would I try to clean my dirtiness(sin) with dirtiness? It makes no sense! Are we continually allowing the fountain of Christ to pour out upon us, and letting the atonement wash away our feelings of guilt. Or are we plugging up his love, and washing our self over and over in the same waters we have always been in? ( I won’t lie, I felt like President Uchtdorf when typing that). Revelation can happen when doing the dishes! So if you’re waiting for an answer go and do the dishes:p

So the work here is moving along well. There has been no one to talk to on the streets lately! Like 0. but we have been trying out best to keep the work moving forward. As long as we are moving forward, we are moving in the right direction.

Well we had a lesson with our Investigator named Dana (who we have been teaching since I first came out). We were teaching the Plan of Salvation again to her, and then I don't know what I said or if it was my companion, but she all of a sudden Goes " OHHH This totally makes sense now"! it was like oh seriously?! The spirit was so strong then, you could see it!

I also had the Honor of the seminary teacher wanting me to go and teach class! Early morning seminary. It reminds me of the good old days. We had to bike there though, in the rain. It was such an amazing experience. It gave me so much respect for my wonderful Seminary teacher Sister Hanson. I have no idea how she made class fun at 6 in the morning! and was enthusiastic that early! And she still managed to end her class knowing we learned something!  but the kids here were awesome! Of course I had to bring treats for them being good. I didn't think I did that good of a job, but the young men came up to me and said, "so when are you coming back" It really touched me! They had heaps of questions for me! what a wonderful week!!

I love you all thank you for your prayers!

this is church is true! I love it with all my heart!!

-Elder Gish