Tuesday, July 15, 2014

From Sister Arohanui, Ngawai of Hamilton NZ

Elder Gish’s mother here:

I have had the blessing of connecting with a family in Hamilton, NZ -- where Chase is serving -- who has lovingly cared for him as he serves there. With her permission, the following photos and words from her Facebook account are posted below. (Thank you heaps and heaps, Sister Rangi. We love your family!)


Thanks for the memories Elder Gish and Elder Moala. They will be cherished in our family forever.  #PUKANA

Ngawai Rangi's photo.

“Our family have loved coming to know your wonderful son. He is a true servant of our Saviour Jesus Christ and yes please go ahead and copy what we have on him (I'm only sorry we don’t have more photo's!!) He is a great example for our only son as he too will serve a mission in 3 more years. You must ask Elder Gish when he returns home to teach your family the "no teeth-fruit & vegie" game & also a Maori game called Pukana. He actually bought a whole new meaning to both games!!! He was very funny to watch - he had all my children in hysterics. May our Father in Heaven continue to bless him and your family for the great sacrifice you are all making. “

Ngawai Rangi's photo.

Ngawai Rangi's photo.