Monday, August 4, 2014

God ALWAYS does things for the best.

Hey there everyone!

Sorry i didnt email last week. I have had 0 time recently! But what a week(s) they have been!

So to start, we were walking down the street and randomly this guy stops and says, "hey can you guys come over I’m less active" Heck yes we can!! It happens heaps here! So of course we go over and see them! Most of the time they aren't there but that’s okay!! WE PUSH FORWARD.

I recently had the biggest privilege to speak and share a message in front of 30 less active members  It was a sports night we were holding. HOLY COW WAS I nervous. I know you’re thinking Elder Gish? nervous? it cant be!! I know i know, hold your breathe though cause its about to get crazy! ( i realize that didnt make any sense but roll with me)

So i had no idea what to talk about. Then my wonderful companion Elder Lolo hands me a USB with 1 video and says share it. A video I have never seen. but i trusted in him. Oh my gosh, this video was so powerful!!!! Here’s the link if you wanna watch it

As soon as i got up.. the words just came " there isn’t much more to be said. we all started crying. EVERYONE. Man the spirit was so strong in that room. How can we deny all that God has done for us? The love he has, and shares. It is more then we can ever know. He ALWAYS does things for the best. no matter what! WE always come out better, even if at the time we don’t feel like it!

Sorry i don’t have a lot to say:p


An elder in my district. who is the man, seriously one of the coolest missionaries i know. ( not a joke ) doesn’t get a lot of emails. Could you email him if you have time? if your reading this i know you have time too:) Thank you!

thank you!

ofa atu

-Elder Gish