Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We Learn Wisdom When We Serve

Hello everyone!!

First off let me say thank you to everyone! Last week I got all the mail since i was transferred and THERE WAS HEAPS! so thankyou so much!! It was awesome to see all of the letters when I got home.

What a week this has been. It has been rainy and it has been cold az.. I would have to call this week " week of so many flipping service opportunities". Legit we we had service 2 times a day, basically this entire week!  It has been crazy!!! All the way from moving people all the way over to cutting down trees. But as a missionary we are "called to serve" so it was the least we can do for these amazing members of this ward.

The other day, we had the opportunity to cut down a huge az tree for our nan(our mission grandma) This tree was huge! so we had to call in the other Elders to help us with this crazy task. It was so much fun!!  Service is one of the best ways we can connect with people. I remember this one day my dad got me up at 6 in the morning over one of  my breaks to go scrape off snow from someones roof. At first I was dreading it but then after It was such an awesome time. I remember being on the roof with my dad and just feeling like the world was ours! It felt the same way when i was cutting down these trees with my brothers! it was such a good time. There is a reason why King Benjamin ( in the Book of Mormon) says we learn wisdom when we serve.

I know that service is the best way we can help others! We truly serve God when we serve others! i love you all!

-Elder Gish