Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Am Convinced That Angels Are Around Us Everywhere.

Maori maori!

So what’s crazy is Maori is the name of the culture I am in love with, but when put together “Maori Maori” is “Hello” in Kiribati. ( its is pronounced like Kitabiss.) [Shannon here” Kiribati is a small nation in the Pacific.]

What a week this has been!! This week we had some crazy experiences. Mostly they happen when there is food involved, which you know is okay by me. But its probably the reason I have gone from 75kgs to 90kgs. For all my American friends, that’s 160lbs to 196... BUT THIS ISNT ABOUT HOW FAT I’M GETTING!! 

So at the moment I have a Tongan companion Elder Fisi'italia. If you know anything about Tongan people.. they eat a lot.. so shopping doesn’t really help when our food gets eaten in like 2 days.

The Other day Elder Fisi and I were walking home from an appointment at around 8:00. He and I hadnt eaten that whole day…and its getting hot here because summer is approaching. SO WE WERE HUNGRY AZ! We were walking home with some noises in our stomach that somewhat resembled that of a Whale calling its young. All of the sudden this white car pulls up next to us. This women who we don’t know stops and says " Elders you two look hungry, do want something to eat?" Of course trying to act like we are okay we say no with a thank you. And she gives us this look…it reminded me of the look my Mom gave me when I didn’t do my homework.  She just says " No! Here take this" and hands us this thing of Fish and chips. She then says "I'll be back with KFC okay?" This women stops by with the food. Of course we are just humbled by this act.. We asked what her name was…and she just smiles and leaves.

I am convinced that angels are around us everywhere. It may not be the kind that we see in movies but the way we act, and act to others can be seen as angelic.

THEN to make this week even better! I got a call Sunday to teach Gospel principles, which I love! Then while we were finishing up, our bishop says can you take the next class? So another Elder and I tag teamed a lesson about, preaching the gospel... It was such an awesome lesson.. you could drink the spirit through a straw it was so thick.  At the end  high councilmen who sat in, told us that it was one of the best lessons he had heard from missionaries in awhile.
Well I hope you all are doing well

Ofa lahi atu [Shannon here: translation –> “Love you so much.”]

-Elder Gish