Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Letter in a Rap

OKAY OKAY everyone gather round

let me tell you a story that will break every sound.

Let me start with the top,

we had an earthquake this week that made our chalkboard drop.

pretty scary stuff to see,

but i guess it was meant to be.

Exchanges filled this week, 

gotta go to work in other areas but just for a sneak peak.

The missionaries here are the bomb,

they make everyone proud, especially their mom.

The week gets better and better as it continues on.

We have a set baptism for this week so it will be awesome to get him that fon(t) .

But to make it better, he comes church,

it was fast Sunday so we got to hear others words,

our investigator gets up and speaks like a beautiful bird.

His testimony was so strong,

that it could go on and on.

It was a great blessing to have him speak,

because now he can find and seek. 

Anyway.. obviously i wont be the next Eminem or anything, but this week was truly amazing. Our investigator who is being baptized seriously is amazing. He bore his testimony and man it was so powerful! Everyone felt the spirit. It was a blessing beyond compare!

We did have an earthquake but we are okay nothing tragic, just a few wet pants and a knocked over white board. 

So this is something that i have been working on a lot with myself and our district. It’s have a Christ-centered attitude instead of an ego-centered attitude. I won’t go into much detail because I want you to find out how you will use that phrase:) and i want you to email me about it:)

i love you all:) 

-Elder Gish