Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Yes Outweighs 1000 Nos.

Kia Ora whanua!

Kua tenei wiki, kua whakamataku! E mohio ana ahua kei te miharo aha koutou! Mongamonga we our pou! To tatou rangatira rohe Elder Christy, e ahau i runga i nga whakawhitinga i tenei wiki. I hanga e matou mahere ki te tiki e rua anake i te feia imi hou i taua ra. I roto i te haora i kitea e matou i tekau i te feia imi hou, ka kite i tenei hapu nui o tekau! ksu tapu e he wehingia!

Now i bet you are all wondering.. What the heck is that. That’s the language of Maori. 

What I just said is how awesome my week has been! 

So this week was exchanges. Our Zone Leader Elder Christy came into my area. We made it a plan to just blow through our area and just get done everything. We did that and a little more. Before we went out we made it a plan to find two new investigators and man we were determined to find two New Investigators. [Shannon here: An investigator is missionary lingo for someone who has accepted the invitation to ‘investigate’ the gospel of Jesus Christ.]

We were out all day just talking to as many people as we could. So here is what is crazy. By the end of the day we walked back to our flat dead. We had been in the sun all day and being in black pants isn’t exactly the best air conditioning. ANYWAY by the end of the day we had found 10 new investigators... TEN!!! and a family of ten! What an answer to prayers. We both walked back to the flat and collapsed. We had given everything we could, and then found a little more to give, because we wanted to help these people more than anything. 

Looking back I can see how God was testing us. We had multiple times where we were rejected, but we didn’t get discouraged because for every ten "no's" there is one yes and that one yes out weighs 1000 no's.  We were out for a higher purpose that day. That purpose was finally realized when we put everything into this work.

So again i need to keep it short:( I love you all!! 

-Elder Gish