Monday, November 10, 2014

Game Changer

Kia ora Whanau!! Thank you all for your birthday wishes!! 

I am so sorry for missing a longer letter last week! Our computers here have been around since the creation of the wheel, so they were getting updated all last week.  SO our computers now are pretty flash... But nothing too high tech... Still can’t put pictures on here! It’s all good though!

SO wow where do I even start... Let me start with last week,

Last week was a game changer. I have two very experienced missionaries in my district which is a bit scary at times but i realize, and they realize, that as a District Leader, I am Just that, their leader. So I love calling on them to help out in meetings! ANYWAY. The entire week i was wondering what the heck will i do a training on! Nothing was coming to me at all…which doesn’t really happen that often! Something was telling me wait, and in the very hour it will be given to you what to do. So just to clarify waiting until the last hour to train in a District Meeting is not something you want to do. I had the feeling to let Elder Brann one of my experienced missionaries do a spiritual thought. Wow! He really brought it in. And while you read this I hope you try this, because honestly it changed my life and it will for you if you just try. 

Elder Brann had us all stand up and hold our arms out like we were holding our cross. And he began to read to us about what Jesus Christ has done for us. And first holding our arms up was easy, thinking that what he was reading to us would only take a few minutes.. It went on for longer, and holding our arms out was starting to hurt. I opened my eyes to see all of my Elders and Sisters with the face of pain. There arms dropping. It finally came to a conclusion we sat down. The spirit says “have a testimony meeting on the atonement.” That’s exactly what we did. As i got up the words formed in my mouth " how many of you felt that cross in your arms, and how many of us when we were going to give up, felt hands hold your arms up?" Tears formed and lives where changed. 

That is the Gospel. Christ suffered for us. He has done so much for us, and i think, for a brief second we as missionaries where placed in his shoes. 

The meeting continued and not an eye was dry. It was a game changer. Never before have i seen my District work so hard. They have been touched by the love of Christ as have i.

From then on the weeks were flawless. Nothing was stopping us. 

Then we continue on to this week. This week was awesome. My Zone Leaders challenged me to talk to 100 people on the streets this week. I love talking to people! but im not even sure if there are 100 people in this town.. But we moved forward. It was such a blessing to see so many people on the streets because it was Guy Fox (british version of fourth of july) so talking to people began to sky rocket. My companion is still not confident in his english so this was going to be fun. I loved talking to someone, then pausing…which in the missionary world, is a signal for "its your time to speak" so it really pushed him! and he did so well! we fell short of our challenge and achieved 86, which was still awesome! What a great blessing the Lord gave to us!

I love this Gospel!

I hope you all have a great week:) LOVE you all!
Ofa lahi atu!

-Elder Gish