Monday, November 17, 2014

Where our Heart is, is Where our Treasures Lies.

Kia ora Whanua!!! 

WOW WHAT A WEEK THIS HAS BEEN!!! First off let me congrats my big bro Sam for Returning from his mission!! RETURNING WITH HONOR MY BRO!! You’re The man and I love you like crazy. NOW GO GET MARRIED hah jokes:) But seriously... you’re awesome and a skux fella times 20. 

NEXT, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD!!! Dad i love you like crazy!!! You’re the reason i still believe in super heroes! I do not know where i would be without my Dad. He has been my best friend through out my life! I was actually telling some members out here what one of my favorite moments are in life and i told them about the Time my Dad came into my room at 6 in the morning on a school break to go shovel off a roof. and how it stunk at first but then we got to sit on the roof and just talk. I wish you the happiest birthday!! You’re not a day past... whatever year Noah built the the ark... hah :) 

The week has been glorious and hott az! I don’t know who felt like turning the heat up here.. but he turned it up way to much..  When your pants stick to your leg becasue of sweat.. either i am super out of shape.. or i need to sweat way to much.. due to being out of shape.

We had another earthquake this week.. Again its not too bad but it does shake some people up, But its all good because no one was hurt!

This week my district and I came up with the goal for between all of us we need to find 23 new people to teach. We all felt good about this number and so we hit the beat.. The end of the week come and we hadn’t reached our goal of 23. But here is what crazy – even though we set this goal and didn’t reach it, i feel that we reached something even better, and that is we all had this burning desire to do our best and serve the Lord, which is what counts at the end of the day which is, where is our heart is at? Where our heart is, is where our treasures lies. This week blessed my life so much! I love this work!! I love you all!

ofa lahi atu!