Monday, January 26, 2015

Working Like Crazy


So super scary story! So the other day Elder G. and I are going and visiting some in-active members. There was this big fence.. and since he and I have had some scary experiences with dogs, we look over the fence to see if there were any. There wasn't, and the door was open with someone inside watching t.v. so we were like “choice!” So we open the fence and right as we were at the door and i yell hello, these two HUGE MASTIFFS come out barking and growling at us and basically had us wetting our selves. Not fun. We stayed as long as we could until we just decided… “Umm nope not feeling like being dog food.” When we got out, we both just plopped on the ground laughing because we were so scared!


(1948 Buick owned by a guy we met on the street. He and his wife have been married for 65 years!!)

So some pretty amazing stuff has happened. We had Interviews with our mission president. President Rudd, who is like the coolest man. So he calls me in, shakes my hand, sits me down…and just pauses for a moment…So i am like UH OH... I haven’t done anything wrong. He asks "Elder Gish are you working?" so I say "LIKE CRAAZY" and he just goes "Awesome! Nice seeing you." and lets me go... Like that was my interview…

Then after the Assistants to the President are teaching about the Book Of Mormon and they decide to do a role play on the restoration. And who do they pick? Yours truly. But man, one of the assistants and I role play…so my face looks like Niagara falls, I was so nervous. Elder S (the AP) does the pause…implying ‘my turn, and it was at the part where Joseph Smith sees God the Father and Jesus Christ. so I burst out the First Vision.. Something i have not recited in a while. Man the Spirit was so powerful and Elder S afterwards came up and was like “Man Elder, that was amazing! (Shannon here: Assistants to the President – or A.P’s – are other missionaries like Chase who serve directly with the mission president in a leadership capacity.)


Then yesterday we had a miracle…We were showing some Mormon messages to a recent convert. And one of his flat mates M, who never sits in, decides to sit in…and throughout the time we end up teaching him about the Book Of Mormon. We invited him to pray and ask if the book was true and read him the promise in Moroni chapter 10 v 4-5…and as he read it.. something in him looked like it clicked.. And he was like…Yeah i will do that… MEAN!!! What an amazing week!!!

Well I love you all:)

ka kite ano!

Elder Gish