Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our Purpose on Earth. It Is So Simple.

Kia ora whanau!! 

I am so sorry that I did not update you last week. There has been this virus going though Aotearoa and it hit me hard last week.

Let me update you all on some fun weather of this land. We had a cyclone come through! So much fun!! If there was a pot hole big enough, we could baptize people in them that is how much water we have. I was tempted to buy a big az kite so iI can strap it to myself and start flying! 

You will never guess what happened on this day.  We were pulled up at this stop light in our little Toyota that we drive.  And on my left pulls up a Lambo... and on my right... pulls ready?...a McLaren!!!  WE HAD A RACE TILL THE DEATH!.. at least until the light turned green.... Our little go kart was no match.

So this past week has been quite amazing! I would like to start by sharing a little revelation I have found from being on exchanges with my Zone Leaders. While on exchange we were having this nice lunch. They had so much food it was ridiculous! It was like it was a Walmart in their flat. After lunch was over, I go to the sink to wash my dishes (yes everyone, the church is true - I wash dishes now) and notice they don't have anything to clean the dishes with. They spend all their money and time on buying all this great food, but forget that things need to be clean so we can eat from them. Too often we spend all our time "eating" and "buying only food", and wondering why things haven't changed in our life. But first we need to clean our plates (hearts,) so that we can allow food (joy and charity) to be brought into our lives.  Just a little revelation!

 A really cool thing happened this week while teaching an Investigator. She was curious about the purpose of us being here on this earth. Which is one the questions we love to answer. At the end of the lesson. She says to us. "Thats so simple. but it makes so much sense!" That's why this Gospel is so makes so much sense but it is so simple!! We complicate things to much!! 

I am so grateful to all you and to those that with out fail email me and write me. It means more then you can now

Ofa lahi atu
Elder Gish