Monday, March 2, 2015

What I Learned from Elder Bednar’s Visit

Kia ora whanau!! 

This was an incredible week. Oh my goodness.

To start things off, we had the greatest privilege in the world to be able to listen to one of the living Apostles in the Church. Elder Bednar!! It was such a humble experience to be able to see and hear him. When he gets up to the mic, we are all expecting this talk that would leave brain juice on the ground from over exposure to pure awesomeness. But that’s not how it worked!! He just opened it up to a question and answer for 2 whole hours. 2 hours of discussing how we can better ourselves, by asking questions. We talked about things like "How to discern the Holy Ghost from our own thoughts." That’s the one that stuck out to me most because i struggle with that at times. But basically all he said was, if it is good, then do it, doesn’t matter if its the Holy Ghost or not. And that just spoke truth to my heart. At the very end of our minds being blown more then we had anticipated, he told us that we didn’t need him to answer our questions, that we are worthy of the Holy Ghost and that the Holy Ghost is the best teacher that there can be. It’s not us and our teaching, or kindness that brings people to us, it’s the Holy Ghost. ALWAYS. All Elder Bednar did was ask questions, and we learned so much from him. Probably more then if he had just given a talk. 

The work this week was pretty good. I didn’t get to spend much time in my area, because i had to spend a great deal of my week in other Elder’s areas. But I am so grateful for the area i serve in and the missionaries that i get to serve with. They are inspirations to me and motivate me to become better, for them. For the moment we are the family away from home. 

I can’t wait for the next week. We are going to experience so many miracles that it will be crazy!

Love you all!

-Elder Gish