Monday, April 20, 2015

Hard Steps Make Deep Impressions

Kia Ora Whanau!! 

I am so sorry that my updates have been a bit slacking!! In order to use the computers here we have to pay with what amounts to a pound of Kryptonite. So sorry again, but wow what a week this has been! Crazy!! 

So first off on Tuesday was district meeting.  I get a call that the Zone Leaders, who are also district leaders for now, got in a car accident right before district meeting, and that I needed to train both districts. So I had the entire zone, 22 Missionaries. Then An Elder of mine needed to have surgery on his thyroid and has been down for a week staying at member’s, so his companion has been with us. While biking in a storm, this week my camera fell out and broke INSIDE OF A PUDDLE, so that put a huge damper on my week. BUT This week we also had the great privilege of watching General Conference where we get to hear from the living prophets and apostles. There was one talk that I loved in particular! Oh man I loved Elder Pearson’s talk. He is our Area 70 and I just love how bold he is. He doesn't ever cut around the bush he just chops the bush down! I like how he says " hanging in the there is not a principle of the Gospel." Whenever he comes to see missionaries he is always talking to us about progressing even when the steps are hard. I love it! Because the Interesting thing about hard steps is this -  hard steps make bigger impressions in the ground, making bigger impressions in us and others. We as missionaries have been really trying to gain the trust of the members in this ward, and I won’t lie its been a challenge and half in order to do that. But it all paid off when Our Bishop came up to us on Sunday and asked us to teach his Brother in law. He told us that normally he won’t give missionaries a family member to go teach, but that he trusts us, and seems like we could get what the Lord wants done with his family. It was a great blessing and and an answer to a lot of prayers. 

We never realize the impact we make on others. Our example is so imperative on others. We can truly change lives by our behavior. I am so grateful for the example of my Parents and my brothers and best friends in my life. And more than that, I am grateful for the example of Jesus Christ and allowing me to follow behind Him

I love you all so much and I am ever grateful for you all.

Aroha nui

-Elder Gish