Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thank You for Operation Charms

Hey everyone sorry this has to be super quick!! I got no time!!

First off let me say thank you to all those you participated in Operation Charms put on by my uncle Chris papa-retta. It was a great blessing to my district we loved it!! Thank you!!

This week has been awesome! We found some keen as new people to teach that where so ready to hear the gospel. One is just wow! and is what we call a golden investigator. Just basically a dry Mormon [Shannon here: referring to living a gospel centered life without being baptized.] I can’t wait to see how she comes along. We found her through these little cards we are giving out.

This month we are focusing on a theme called "Because He lives." It is all about Christ and what He has done for us and what He over came. We share the video I attached with everyone. Please if you are reading this please watch it. It really bring the Spirit of the season !http://www.mormon.org/easter?cid=HP_SA_4-4-2015_dMIS_fMRMN_xLIDyMSTHD1_

Thank you all for all you do. 

Ofa lahi atu! Aroha Nui!

-Elder Gish