Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Self Mastery is so Important!

Kia Ora Whanau! Tena A koe E hoa,


Let me a start with a funny but awesome story, k? 

We were able to take some missionaries who are in the MTC tracting where we take half the day to let the ESL missionaries experience real missionary work. OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO FUNNY! I had this elder who was from Tahiti, Elder H., who is learning English. We went door knocking and I told him to show me what he had learned about door knocking at this door. So he goes up to the door all confident and then this HUGE Maori guy answers...and this poor elder.. just speechless...so scared that he passes gas hahaha! And he just looks back at me silently saying " help me!" So I go up. The guy at the door was so awesome, so humble and really wanted to learn more! Crazy, aye?

The week has been awesome! I am really loving it in this area. We have seen some pretty cool stuff happen. We went to contact a man Named T. He hasnt been too kind to missionaries in the past, so we were kinda hesitant about going over, but we felt that we should go. We went and this man was just so full of humility, invited us in and we taught him about the gospel. Afterwards he told us that he had been searching for someone to help change his life and he prayed, then we showed up! The Lord prepares his servants when they are willing to listen.

I heard an awesome quote the other day, 

" You can not say i am THY servant, until you can say I am MY master" so it made me think about our own self mastery. That we cant fully help others until we help ourselves. Its like on an airplane when the oxygen masks come down. We are asked to help our self first then help others. What good are we if oxygen masks come down in a spiritual sense and we deny them because we think we are helping others. If we don't put it on we may help one, but then pass out. But we can help more if we put that life support on. And that is true. I cannot fully help others come unto Christ if I am not there myself. It reminds me of a time in 7th grade when we were asked to do a task in PE. We were asked to climb this suspending ladder, with 5 foot gaps between each step.. My team didnt have the means or muscle to pull themselves self up. So I knew thatIi needed to be well supported enough on the step above them to help them up. We made it to the top as a team. I know that self mastery is so important! 

-Till next time
-obi one ka.. nah jk

Elder Gish 
P.S. these pics were taken by something called a SELFIE STICK!!! HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT?