Monday, March 10, 2014


OKAY GUYS this is it! I am Leaving the MTC TOMORROW!! I cannot wait to be in the field! The MTC was seriously such an awesome experience! The days were sooo long but then all of a sudden the week has gone by! We have learned so much! Its crazy, its like a serious Doctrine over load! just like BOOM! As a Zone Leader over the MTC I have a lot of responsibility, sometimes a little to much but it was amazing to see the Lord’s hand in all that I was doing.

SO to get on my week! its been long, but crazy fun , myself, my companion, and another really close Elder were all singing " I see The Light" from Tangled! MAN WE SOUNDED SO GOOD! all the sisters where like “WHATTTT? You know this song!” And we all started to sing some of our favorite songs. Of course my voice sounds like a moose being hit by a four wheeler, but when I was next to the Elders I thought sounded great!

SO here is the question of the week! DID YOU PAY YOUR POWER BILL? during a devotional we were asked how power works (speaking in terms of electricity) and we went through this big process of how to get power. BUT what we left out was we have to pay for our power. It is exactly like how Heavenly Father works, we need to make sure we are paying our power bill, by following the commandments, reading our scriptures and most of being OBEDIENT. It was like a serious Spirit over load! These rules we have been given as missionaries are hard! But thats the point, if it was easy everyone could do it, but the Lord blesses us in our times of being distraught to let us know he is still watching over us and walking besides us.

DAD YOU CAN BE VERY PROUD OF ME! there was an elder who HADN’T SHAVED HIS FACE ALL WEEK! and was looking very scrappy. and I had to tell him that he had to go back and shave before going to class. I felt like my Dad so much it was crazy. I can’t wait to see what the lord will have in store for me next! He works through each of us so differently but the same thing is always the end result.

During one of lessons teaching our investigators Resina, we found out that she really needed to hear about how families can be together forever. My companion and I ONLY HAD FIVE MINUTES TO TEACH, so we bore our testimonies on how families can be together forever, and WOW the Spirit was so strong we all started to tear up and even though it was just a role play it felt so real. My companion is going to be such a beast on the field! both literally and spiritually! He’s the bomb.

The church is so true. I’M greatful for this opportunity to serve. I do not want to let the Lord down!



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