Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kira Ora!


So i really dont have a lot of time to write sorry everyone!

This week has been so crazy! seriously trial by fire, the mission really brings out your weakness and makes them show, but then the lord builds you up, it is hard as( thats a new zealand term) but i am pushing through it. I recieved a blessing and man i feel really good.

My MTC comp is the man! Ready for  this his name is Elder Lehi Renimana- Te Whatu. When we role play and i introduce him he's just Elder Te Whatu. Hes the bomb though, we have a lot in common and seem to work really well as a team, but he is going to the Melbourne Mission. SO LOOK FOR HIM DANE!

New Zealand MTC-Flags

This Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting and I got a real glimpse of the truthfulness of this gospel. There are only 8 missionaries (sisters and elders) that are from America, the rest are from the island , Austrailia, Papua New Guniea, Tonga and Samoa. So you can bet I feel really small when I'm talking with them. ANYWAY most of the Elders here gave up so much to be on a mission. One was almost killed by the people of his village becuase we wanted to serve the lord. WHAT FAITH. I complain when i stub my toe on a desk. These missionaries are going to be awesome I know it.

Since we are only the 5th intake this year, we have new teachers and they are so awesome. they teach us so well, and  what’s amazing is for the quick passed work, we are intkaing so much. All thanks to the Lord. He really helps us out in our everyday life, I see it all time.

The food here is CRAZY almost every meal we have potatoes, i remember my suits not being so snug when I got here. The food is amazing though.

This place is so full of the spirit. I love it. My companion and I are The ZLs of the MTC. [Shannon here: ZL’s=Zone Leaders. He and his companions are assigned to lead and minister to other missionaries in his ‘zone.”]  It’s a lot harder then I thought. The Lord really humbles us before he can make us stronger. It’s hard at first  but now that i step back a little bit I can see a lot more behind His doing.

OH so role playing is a blast! My companion and I switched accents. So he was American and I was an Islander. He sounded kinda like Elvis and I don’t even want to begin to say how bad i sounded. But he’s teaching me, I'm getting it down... I think.. but really I'm glad I’im here. It maybe hard at first but it will get better through time. I have faith in the lord that he will help me.

I love this gospel. I know its true and that Christ lives and loves everyone of us individually and that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. I’m greatful for his wonderful example. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a true living prophet of GOD, and we are all God’s Children.


Ka kite ano

Elder Gish

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