Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When the Lord tells us the field is white, He really means it.

Kia Ora everyone!,

So this week has been crazy.. CRAAZY AS! My companion and I were able to talk to 100 people this week! 100! 

Ready for something even better! WE HAVE THREE SET BAPTISMS! 2 NEXT MONTH AND ONE IN MAY! I got to ask both to be baptized! IT WAS a little bit rough coming out.. my words were just flying out of my mouth and getting all jumbled up.. but they got the point.. it was awesome! Cities converted over night! jk.. But really that's how it felt. The work must proceed and when the Lord tells us the field is white, He really means it.

With some people we talk to on the street, we do what’s called Soft set, where we ask them, if they came to know the truth of this gospel would they be baptised? Its a little dodgy at first.. but heeps of people actually say yes!

So all this awesome stuff can’t happen without a little trial of course! BRING IT! Most of lessons during the evening fell through… and wow it really does make you feel so sad, because you see what good this gospel does, and people flake! And then we lost some keene as investigators…they just dropped us.. it really makes you think if you could have don't more.. but one of greatest gifts is agency.. people just use it stupidly…jkk they are awesome.

But then some amazing lessons happened. We have 2 investigators that are just sweet as. J. ( I wont even try to spell his last name) and W. F. 

J. is about 19 and is way hard to get a hold of, he works, has Uni (college) and plays rugby (of course). BUT finally we got a hold of him and we taught him a door step lesson. We taught him about how to read Book Of Mormon and this gospel can change lives, and how his friend Michael ( a recent convert) has been blessed and that we want the same thing for him. We taught his and the Spirit was so strong! HE then said a prayer!!! WHAT !!!! And it was seriously one of the best prayers. He ended and just had this smile and glow. He was so filled with the Spirit!

Then W.F., he’s 26, and has two kids so of course - PLAN OF SALVATION! We taught him that families can be together forever, and he really wanted that, he looksedlike he was tearing up when we taught it.. .totally awesome!

So one of the best things about being here are the people.. I love biking around and people will honk at us and wave! Members and non members. It really makes our day! And also the missionaries, we never go hungry.. I had my first islander feast.. .holy flipping food.... we entered in the house walking but left the house rolling.... so much food. But that's why riding a bike is a blessing because it all comes off! Only after riding 200 miles a week. Not too bad if I say so myself..

This week has just been a joy. I love the people here. It feels like home! I love this gospel. It really does change lives. II’s changing mine more and more as I’m on my mission.. Love it!

That's all till next time! I apologize if I haven't written anybody letters back! I only get them once every transfer, since the mission office is a little far away.! I’ll get to it though!

Love you all! Thank you for the support!

KIA NGAWARI! (sounds like kia narwe) it means be humble and patient!

until next week! kia kaha!

-Elder Gish