Monday, September 8, 2014

A Stationary Stone Rolling

Kia Ora my Whano!

ATTENTION KARMA PRANK: So this week we had a pretty awesome rain storm. It rains all the time here and doesn’t stop. And because it rains heaps sometimes the drains get plugged creating huge puddles of water. So the other day me and my companion are walking down the street, and we come right up to this huge puddle, and a big 18 wheeler is coming. So of course i think “Oh perfect chance to get him. When the truck comes by, I’ll push him and he will get soaked.” Sounds wonderful. SO the truck comes by, and I gave my companion a nice shove right as the truck hit the water. Water goes flying! But thanks to my shove he didn’t get hit... at all... and the water came and got me… DIRECT HIT. I don’t think a drop of water didn’t hit me... Just goes to show that we shouldn’t be pushing our companions into puddles… 

NOW THAT I GOT YOUR ATTENTION what a great week this has been. Nothing like super wonderful and spectacular but it was just a week of good hard work. The last few months this area has had a bit of struggling getting this area back booming with missionary work. SO this week has been a week of getting a stationary stone rolling! And its been pretty tough. So why is it hard to get a stationary rock rolling? Well you wouldn’t want to move the rock if you didn’t need something beyond it. A rock is only hard to move if its big. But the hardest part is the first push. That’s where all your effort will come in, and once you get it rolling it’s just about being behind it and never stopping your feet from moving forward.That’s what this work needs. It needs consistency. We either put our all into it or we go home. No half way. In the wise words of Yoda “Do or do no there is no try.”

So we have been seeing this investigator who is stationary rock. We asked him if he knows the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. He pauses and says.. " I do, I’ve been trying for years to disprove it but I cant. I did the same thing to the Bible and I cant disprove it" WHAT!?!?? are you serious!? He is so cool like that.. Just little things he says and you’re just sitting there thinking.. did we have to do anything?

That’s what i love about this gospel. It touches lives of people in the smallest way!

i love you all heaps!!
-Elder Gish