Monday, September 8, 2014

I Need You More

(From Sept 1, 2014)

Howdy Howdy Everyone:) I felt like being a cowboy today, so you’ll have to roll with me:)

WELL holy cow its a new transfer! I got my new companion! His name is Elder Fisi'italia. He is from Tonga. He speaks almost no english. Its the best:) not in a mean way but when he speaks BAMMMM the Spirit is right there because you can see he is trying his best to say what he wants. Its so humbling. It shows me that we do not need to be great speakers, in order to get a point through. All we need is the desire, and the desire to have the Spirit and the Lord takes care of the rest!

It was a pretty awesome week! I got a call on Tuesday from our President’s Assistants saying "Elder Gish, President Rudd has called you to be District Leader" WHATTTTT!!! ME?!  It is the greatest thing ever!! I get calls, and texts seriously every 30 minutes. I have to hinder some of my work so I can help the other missionaries with their problems. It’s a lot of weight on my shoulders but i don't think i have ever felt the enabling power of the atonement in my life more then i am now. One night while praying saying "why me? I’m the youngest in my District there are much more able persons then me.”  Clear as day i heard :"Because i need you more".  I have seen the Lord’s hand in everything I have been doing! its crazy how much the Lord trusts us. I’m the youngest missionary in my District meaning everyone has been out longer then me. Its been so humbling to see that the Lord qualifies us in everything that we do! It has made me want to work harder then I have ever wanted! No regrets! Even when i don’t feel comfortable with what i am asked to do. It’s what makes me feel happy. I took a lot of time to myself so i can figure out what the Lord wants me to do. I know that without a doubt that the Lord loves us, and needs us in this great work! He has done so much for us, so we need to give back just a little. 

One awesome Miracle is that the YSA [Shannon here: YSA=Young Single Adults] in our ward are really wanting to get into Missionary work. So the rep, his name is Paora, set up a night when all the YSA come out with us to go and teach! Its huge miracle! This ward is seriously the bomb. I love it here so much and these people are just a testimony of how God blesses us through other’s actions!

I love you all! yall are awesome!

ofa atu!

-Elder Gish

P.s. i Just got everyones mail so letters are coming!!!