Sunday, January 18, 2015


Kia Ora my whanau:)

Kei te peaha koe? That means how are you(we) doing in Maori!


This has been such a great week its crazy! First let me start with a funny story. SO on Friday Elder Gutke and I get this impression that we need to go out tracting in a place called Inglewood. Its about a 35 minute drive for us.. and about as country as Taranaki gets. So houses are like 1K apart.. No fun. The weather was really nice.. not too hot. But that didn’t last long. Once we got out of the car, we felt the heat of 35 degrees C just hit us. Door knocking in this?? Crazy!  We end up spending about 3 hours knocking on doors with sweat on our brow and our pants sticking to our legs we kept going!! We get to this house and we are dying. We felt like Kung fu panda when he came to the stairs. So sit down on the Grass and just die. Elder Gutke says "Elder I HAVE AN IDEA" and when it comes to Elder Gutke and ideas, it gets dangerous.  He says " just lie on the grass there, I’ll go up to the door and say " uhh sorry to bother you.. I’m not here to talk about the gospel, but come here...does it look like my companion has heat stroke?? Oh he does? Well if he dies, would you like to learn about where he will go?" and Man we started busting our guts!!! It was so funny!

Anyway! This week has been full of great murracles!! On Fridays we go to a Recent Converts house and read the Book of Mormon with him. When we get to the door, he isnt there!! But his son answers the door and we just talk for ages! Then up comes his cuzzy who is 15 and loves America, so he loved talking to us. He asked what we are doing here, so we tell him. His eyes light up and asked if he could serve a mission like us one day! SO we invite him church and HE COMES! Now here is the cool part! During the Second hour he sees one of his cuzzies walk by and he makes a run for him. Thinking that he ditched  us, Elder Gutke and I got a tad sad.  But we went out to see where he went. AND THERE HE IS talking to his cuzzy.  He says, “Oh Elders this is my cousin.. Is it cool if he comes in as well? NO WAY!!!! This boy is already a missionary!! It was such an amazing sight to see!! I couldn’t believe it!! So they stay and we teach them both about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel…and they just soaked it in.. 

The Lord always has a plan!! and man it’s the best plan!!

That’s all for this week:) 

ki kate ano!!! keep a big MENEMENE on your face this week:) (that means smile)!

Elder Gish