Sunday, January 11, 2015

Standards of Excellence!


Kia ora Whanau!!

I hope you all have had an amazing week!!

This week has been INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!! So i will shoot right into this!! This just goes to prove that Heavenly Father really knows what He is doing! So on Friday, Elder Gutke and I get a call that our senior couple is cleaning the chapel and they need some help!! So of course we are keen az to clean the chapel…after all cleanliness is next to Godliness haha. So as we are cleaning, man the Spirit is just building because the building is clean! Then we get this call from our Branch President that he wants us to type up some notes from our last Branch Council meeting (since there are not a lot of members, we are like his secretary). But we had heaps of work to do, but we do it anyway. So we had to drive to get the keys from the clerk then begin.

We finished and that was that.. we get back to work!

We are so excited to go see our new Investigator Tawhio. So we drive to Tate road (the road name will be of significance in a bit) where Tawhio lives. AND HE’S NOT THERE!!! AH PUNCTURE TO THE HEART!! But the good thing is that his Dad is there, so we just talk to him.but for some reason we don't share anything with him. So a little bit down, we head back to our flat wondering what to do.

So we get this idea about praying to find a street to find where we get an investigator who will be baptized, so we place the map in front of us and pray over a letter and a number to match a coordinate. BOTH OF US get Q2…and there is only ONE road in that square... TATE ROAD. So we go back thinking man we are going to share an awesome lesson with Tawhio’s Dad! So when we get there, guess who just got back!! TAWHIO!! So we talk to him, and we decided to go play some ball next to the church were a court is.

As we were talking and playing ball, the thought comes to me "You have the church keys, take him on a tour of the Chapel" HOLY COW so we asked if he would like a tour of the chapel, and man his face LIGHTS UP!!!

We go inside and explain to him about the chapel and theSpirit just fills the room. And he looks at us and says "There is something different about this chapel. I don't know what it is, but it feels safe here, like i am home". WHAT NO WAY!!! It was crazy and He keeps saying," it feels so good here". seriously... the Lord knows what He is doing and always has a plan!! 



So here is the story with this food.(yes, that is food.) It’s Called Paua. The shell of it is super pretty, in fact that small one is worth like like 30 dollars. Anyway, how you eat it is you fry it…then you bite the meat (the black part) then the white part is its guts and you suck that out like a straw. Kind of gross…but super yummy.


Next little bit fun stuff is this.. This week our mission released a new " Standards of Excellence" and what that is is a work pattern set up by our Mission President, of goals we want to reach. It got me thinking. Why don't we have Standards of Excellence back home? Are our Standards truly Excellent? We have a great potential to become anything we want.. if we make our Standards. our goals. Excellent..why go for anything less? So as a challenge. I want you all think about your Standards.. and make them Excellent. ( yes mom you can use this:P ) 

I love you all!!
Hope your week is amazing 

Ka kite ano!

Elder Gish