Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Lord Puts Us in the Right Place No Matter What

Kia Ora Whanua!

I can not believe that it is 2015!! This year just seemed to have gone by in a blink of the eye!! I hope you all had a great year, and have made some great goals for the year to come! Hopefully we can stick to them as well!


Luckily for us we had transfers right on new years so, we get to start off the Year with everything new!!! I am still down in Waitara , I have the privilege of being called as a FUTDL -- Follow Up Trainer/District Leader! What a honor it is to have this calling. My Trainee is the man! He is hilariously funny and really wants to learn and grow. He for sure has the faith and action to do amazing things!


So this week has been full of so many miracles.  I have been introducing Elder Gutke to all the members…and we just had this feeling to go see a recent convert. So we stop in to say hello and share a message, and out of no where his son comes out with a friend. So we just say hi, and they take off and we don't see them the rest of the day.

Well, yesterday (Sunday) Elder Gutke gets this impression to walk to our dinner apt ( a 45 minute walk) instead of drive (we have car!) At first, I was a bit apprehensive but something just told me to say yes and go.

As we are walking downtown, Elder Gutke asks if I can show him a way how to not be awkward when talking to random people on the street ( which btw, there isn't one.)  But we see this young man walking and the Spirit says “Him.” So, we walk up.and guess what – it’s the son’s friend of our recent convert! So we just talk to him for a little bit, and share a small bit of what we have to share and he just asks "Do you want to sit down so you can tell me a bit more?" “OH YEAH WE DO!” comes from behind me, haha! Elder Gutke is just the man. So we sit down and talk. After we finished, this young man looks at us and says "Man, this is an awesome message, could I learn more?"  Both Elder Gutke and I were just blown away! It was a true testament to me about how the Lord puts us -- where ever we are -- in the right place no matter what!! I truly am grateful for this time to Serve the Lord. I am humbled by the love He shares with us everyday!


(Southern Cross Constellation)

I love you all like crazy!!

Ka Kite ano!
-Elder Gish